• Ensure that all preaching and teaching within the congregation is Biblical.
  • Shepherd members of the congregation and be aware of the spiritual pulse of the congregation and take a leadership role in providing opportunity for spiritual growth.
  • Pray for each member and adherent of the congregation
  • Provide leadership in stewardship, discipleship, and evangelism
  • Enact discipline as needed in accordance with the Scriptures and the RPCNA Book of Church Discipline
  • Manage the membership roll of the congregation (admission, transfer, removal).


  • The session:
  • Was blessed to receive four adults as communicant members of the congregation after hearing their professions of faith in Jesus Christ as savior.
  • Was blessed to receive seven covenant children as communicant members of the congregation after hearing their professions of faith in Jesus Christ as savior.
  • Saw the continued blessing of the English Conversation Classes.  Several individuals made a profession of faith.  The ECC ministry continues to open doors to share the gospel with other internationals as well.
  • Provided an opportunity for three international seminary students to experience a mini pastoral internship with the Session.
  • Led the Adult CE Class through a study on the Seven Letters to the Seven Churches, a study on the topic of revival, and a course on outreach and evangelism (currently in process).
  • Organized an all-day prayer retreat in June.
  • Worked with the Presbytery of the Alleghenies to ordain Matthew Ma sine-titulo to the gospel ministry.
  • Arranged for evening preaching at the RP Home.
  • Adopted recommendation of the Christian Education Committee to shift our CE memory program to a congregation wide Bible reading and memory program.
  • Altered our congregation’s mission statement to “To Live, Love, and Serve in the Victory of Christ.”
  • Following careful study, adopted a comprehensive policy and procedural guidelines regarding prevention, recognition, and handling of reported child abuse.  These policies and guidelines serve as the church’s formal response to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Act 153 and related PA law.



  • Pray regularly for our ministry to internationals and internationally born Americans as we seek to establish a worship service in the Mandarin language at this point scheduled to be held in the fellowship room simultaneously with our English speaking worship in the main auditorium.
  • Be able to comfortably share the gospel with people outside the church.
  • Build relationships with friends and neighbors so that you have a natural opportunity to share the gospel.
  • Pray regularly for the Session and Deacons to wisely and effectively lead and shepherd the congregation.
  • Pray regularly for local government officials that they would govern in a manner that would glorify God.
  • See separate report regarding Director of International Ministries with recommendations.