Mercy Ministry

The Mercy Ministry works to provide for the needs of and encourage members of the congregation during times of illness or transition.


  • Organize meals for families in times of need
  • Send flowers for funerals and hospitalizations and to welcome new babies
  • Prepare/deliver moving lunches for church members who relocate


  • Meals: organized 24 meals for 3 occasions
  • Flowers: sent 12 flower arrangements or gift cards (5 flower arrangements for hospitalizations, 4 for funerals, and 3 to welcome new babies)
  • Moving Lunches: provided 1 moving lunch
  • Many thanks to those who have provided meals in times of need.


  • The Mercy Ministry uses email and a website to organize meals for people.  If you do not use the internet, but would still like to be included in the opportunity to make meals, please let a committee member know so that we can call you in times of need.
  • Due to our growing Chinese Ministry, it would be beneficial to have a Mercy Ministry team member from the Mandarin-speaking community.