Christian Education Committee

This is the summary of the Christian Education Committee report for 2016.
For more details on the specific Christian Education program at RPC-NH – click HERE.


  • Set goals and objectives for the morning and evening Christian Education classes.
    • The Youth Group is led/organized by the Youth Ministries Team.
    • Adult Christian Education is overseen by the session.
  • Choose/purchase curriculum and other instructional materials that support the goals and objectives of the Christian Education program.
  • Periodically evaluate the goals of the C.E. Program and whether the current curriculum is suitable for reaching these goals.
  • Obtain teachers for all C.E. classes.
  • Work with the session to implement periodic background checks for all teachers and initial background checks for those teaching for the first time.
  • Provide training for teachers of the C.E. classes.


  • Purchased/provided materials for all evening classes.
  • Provided support for the annual Backyard Bible Club.  (Our thanks to Lindsey for stepping up to the plate and leading this ministry.)
  • With Session endorsement, adopted the FIGHTER Bible memory program developed by Children Desiring God Ministries as our congregational memory program.
  • Pastor Blocki serves as the committee’s representative to the committee overseeing the implementation of our congregation’s compliance to PA Act 153.


  • Continue to support and promote Backyard Bible Club / Vacation Bible School.
  • Plan curriculum for the 2017-2018 evening classes.  Purchase the same.
  • Continued encouragement and provision of teacher training and support.


  • Continued growth in the participation of our children/families in the congregational memory program (and reading program developed by Pastor Metzger).
  • Encouraging and equipping our C.E. teachers by
    • Providing opportunity to attend a weekend Children Desiring God seminar or
    • Continuing to watch additional lectures from the Seven Laws of the L.E.A.R.N.E.R.
  • Work cooperatively with both the Youth Ministries team and the session.

Closing comments:
Please thank your child’s teacher for their faithful labor and for their passion to implement the larger goals of the C.E. committee.  The heartfelt desire of the C.E. Committee is that the children of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North Hills would grow to love and serve Christ, being transformed by His Word and Spirit to be young men and women who understand and live out their faith.  Your children’s teachers and the committee as a whole need the active participation and enthusiastic support of the parents of the children in our classes.  Your prayer for, and whole hearted backing of, the vision we have laid out to the congregation in previous years is vital to the success of the C.E. program.  Pray that: (1) the committee will be faithful to the mandate given to us, (2) that the LORD will continue to raise up gifted and godly men and women to serve as teachers in the C.E. program, (3) and for the teachers of your children.