Youth Leadership Training

The North Hills Youth Leadership Training (YLT) program is offered to all high school juniors and seniors. The expectations will be as follows:

  • Bible Study Leadership Training. Pastor Metzger will be leading any interested youth in a series of studies of how to lead a Bible Study. While this will be offered to the broader group, it is expected that any students participating in YLT will participate.
  • Door to Door Evangelism. The experience with our TFY students was that the door to door evangelism was the highlight of their week, and so we plan to offer this same opportunity to our youth in both the fall and the spring. Any participants in YLT will be expected to participate in this outreach effort.
  • YLT participants will be required to organize the games or fun activities for Saturday Night Alive!
  • YLT participants will be expected to take a leadership role in Lord’s Day evening prayer and sharing times, including always coming prepared to discuss weekly devotional insights.

Over time, we expect these programs to be enhanced, depending on our experiences.  Perhaps YLT participants will take a more active role in preparing and teaching lessons – we will see how the Lord leads down the road.