Social Committee

The Social Committee works to provide times of fellowship for our congregation. On average, we serve approximately 100 people at our monthly dinners and 20-100 people at our other social events.


  • Organize monthly Fellowship Dinners
  • Provide Coffee Time on Lord’s Day
  • Organize Special Events and Activities throughout the year


  • Monthly fellowship meals were held throughout 2015, with many members of the congregations working behind the scenes to host the meals.  Thank you to all who helped set up, organize food and clean up after the meals, and to all who contributed food throughout the year.
  • Our coffee time between worship and church school continues to be well received.  We would like to thank each family who has helped prepared the coffee this past year.
  • This year’s events included a Let’s Make a Deal game night, a small brunch after each worship service in the month of August, a church picnic at Devlin Park, the annual Reformation Night activities, and a Christmas Party.
  • After many years of faithful service, Jean stepped down from her role of buying supplies for coffee and fellowship meals.  Dennis and Susan have taken over her responsibilities.  A big THANK YOU goes out to Jean for her years of work, and to Dennis and Susan for their willingness to serve!
  • We had 16 families signed up to participate in Dinner for 8 groups for 2015, which included 34 adults and 7 children.


  • We will continue to hold Fellowship meals on the second Sunday of each month throughout the year.  A new list of family assignments for helping with the meals in 2016 will be coming in the spring.
  • We are currently planning the events for 2016.  The August brunches, Reformation Night and a Christmas Party are on the list, but we would love to hear suggestions for other events that would help us fellowship with one another.
  • We hope to continue Dinner for 8 throughout 2016.  If you have not signed up and want to be a part of the fun, please let Leanne know and we will assign you to a group.