Saturday Night Alive!

One of the primary concerns that we have heard voiced by our young people over the years has been the relative lack of opportunities to spend significant amounts of time with each other. What a great blessing it is that our youth love to spend time together! We have tried a different approach in the past (some monthly activities on Saturdays and regular Youth Group on Lord’s day evening) with varying levels of success. Starting in 2013-14, we are looking to build off of that foundation with the following schedule:

  • Regular Youth Group will now be on the 2nd and 4th Saturday nights of each month. Schedule time will be from 6:00-8:30pm. We plan to call these events “Saturday Night Alive!” These times will include games, snacks and an extended period of teaching and discussion.
  • Lord’s Day evening will be recast to focus on group prayer and sharing of prayer needs and weekly devotional insights.

Some important things to note for this new schedule:

  • We will set up a rotating schedule of host families for each Saturday Night Alive! The host family may host at their home or at the church building. Hosts will be primarily responsible for providing snacks.
  • Pastor Metzger and Rick B. will continue to be the main adult coordinators for the teaching time, though other people may participate from time to time.